Dear Clients (May 2021)


The impact of the global pandemic COVID-19 on all aspects of our lives has been larger than any of us could have predicted. The meetings and events industry’s swift move to virtual events has enabled us to continue supporting clients and attendees. While the tools have changed we have not changed the outcome of what we do — creating dynamic and compelling experiences through expertly planned events and conferences. It is our passion and our privilege.

Moving forward

The changes the pandemic has bought to the meetings and events landscape will continue. Virtual and hybrid events will remain important solutions that bring people together to learn, share and connect.

As we support our clients with their online meetings and events, we look forward to the return of in-person meetings (when it is safe to do so). To prepare, we are educating ourselves about what it will mean to safely host in-person meetings in the future. The nature of our work as planners is changing again. Preparing in-person meetings will mean prioritizing health and safety. The well-being of everyone is of the utmost importance.

At Aston Events, we are taking courses, monitoring the efforts of other jurisdictions and countries that are further ahead in the return to in-person meetings, and considering the resources we must have in place to support our clients to safely host in-person events in the future. It is exciting to be looking forward.

Please take care and keep well. We will meet again soon.

Very best regards


Caroline Aston
Aston Events & Communications


Dear Clients (May 2020)

I’d like to update you on what we’ve been doing at Aston Events & Communications since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The impact on all aspects of our lives, both personal and professional, has been huge. Against such a backdrop it’s tough to think about business, and yet, the events industry has never been more important. It supports our communities by sharing knowledge, furthering common goals and helping to reshape our world for the better.

It’s certainly a challenging time that sees us redefining how we best support our clients through the uncertain months to come.

How it began

Like most, at the beginning of this year, we cautiously watched the worrying situation unfold and considered the impact this could have on our spring line-up of client events. Quietly, we set to work reviewing all the options. As March hit, the new reality revealed itself. Meetings and events for the spring of 2020 were no longer possible.

We spent our days supporting our clients to make the enormous but inevitable decision to cancel or postpone their upcoming events. This was a sad day for clients and us alike. Many of these events are months if not years in the making. Cancelling or postponing is not emotionally easy.  We set to work, guiding our clients through the significant and complex process of undoing their event and event contracts. Force Majeure and Impossibility Clause became an everyday language in our office.

Where do we go from here?

When this process came to an end, the questions began. When can we meet again? How can we engage our community? How to replace the lost revenue? What do we do next?

We spent our time connecting with industry, gathering information and researching new ways of coming together, creating engaging experiences and supporting you through the immediate crisis and for the long term.

As always, our goal is to ensure your organization remains strong, proactive and viable and can, in turn, support your community.

The way ahead

Two months later, the immediate future has become clear. For everyone’s safety and wellbeing 2020 will likely not see any in-person events in Ontario.

Our focus now is to help you plan and deliver your 2020 events schedule online through virtual events. Fortunately, we have a history of producing virtual and hybrid events, so we have the experience to create and manage strategically planned and professionally delivered online events programs – for 2020 and beyond.

Which platform is right for you?

The impact of COVID-19 has seen the events industry flooded with virtual event platforms and services. There are so many options to consider but we continue to research them all, so you can be assured of the most appropriate solution for your community. And, we’re always guided by your goals, resources and target audience.

What will 2021 bring?

That too is the question we are all asking. For now, we believe, virtual events will continue. Hopefully, as 2021 progresses we’ll see the move to hybrid events where we can once again bring together an in-person audience (albeit small) and engage the larger community online.

Moving forward together

Aston Events & Communications have been supporting clients for 20 years. We’ve loved every minute and it’s been a privilege to serve you. While the tools may have changed, we have no plans to change the outcome of what we do – creating dynamic and compelling experiences through expertly planned events, conferences and communications.

Above all else, the health and wellbeing of everyone are of the utmost importance. Please take care and keep well. We will meet again.

Very best regards


Caroline Aston
Aston Events & Communications