With over 15 years experience working with Provincial and local governments, we understand the unique requirements of government and the challenges you face. 

Your Requirements

You’re bound by tight deadlines, set approval processes and procedures. You also have to deal with unexpected changes of agendas, and you still need to deliver on time, on budget and on message. 

How we make it happen

With smart thinking, advanced planning and seamless on-site delivery, we support you through every step of the process, whatever might happen along the way.

  • We work closely with your communications team to ensure we meet your goals.
  • We have the expertise and flexibility to adapt the strategy and plans.
  • We’re familiar with your templates and processes.
  • We know how to engage additional third-party suppliers through the approved channels.

We offer complete event management services, so we can take the lead on your upcoming event and ease the pressure on your staff. Or, we can simply take on specific areas that need support and enhance your existing capabilities with ours. 

Please enquire about our full range of services.

  • Tours and announcements
  • Stakeholder relations meetings
  • Community roundtables and consultations
  • Ministry conferences

Contact us to create an event that effectively shares your vision.

“The unique people skills that served Caroline as a team leader in government and business make her an extraordinary consultant.”

Wellsaid Communications