Our services are extensive, so here’s a quick overview to point you in the right direction, whatever the nature of your organization or your requirements. 

And, if you’re not even sure what your requirements are, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right people.

What’s the overall purpose of your conference, meeting or event?

A well-planned event does so much more for your organization than simply bring people together. It leads to effective and lasting long-term benefits, BUT ONLY IF IT’S WELL-PLANNED.

And, well-planned events take time and resources, and chances are you’re badly lacking both of these. What’s more, it’s essential to achieve the right results to provide a return on your investment. 

This is where we come in 

We use our considerable experience and expertise to design, oversee and deliver your conference, meeting or event from start to finish. Or, if you have more time and know-how, we’ll just support you in specific areas as needed. 

Whatever we do, you can rely on us to help you set goals and targets, develop your program, and create a realistic budget, right from the very start of the planning process.  

Just some of the ways we can help 

We’ll finalize your program, promote your event, recruit sponsors and exhibitors, manage speakers, raise funds, register guests, and manage event logistics. 

We’re right beside you

Even during your event, we’re there to manage every aspect of on-site logistics; leaving you and your staff free to participate in and enjoy the occasion. 

And, most importantly, leaving you free to connect with the people who make a real impact on your organization and its future success. 

Whether you’re planning a conference or trade show, fundraising gala or government lobby day, we’re here to help.


Our core planning services include:

  • Event Strategy and Program Planning
  • Project Management
  • Site Selection
  • Virtual and Hybrid Events
  • Government Lobby Days
  • Sponsorship
  • Communications
  • Registration Services
  • Trade Show Management
  • Abstract Management
  • Speakers and Entertainment
  • Sustainable Event Services
  • Event Logistics
  • Supplier Management
  • Audio-Visual, Design, Decor
  • Volunteer Management
  • On-site Management and Event Delivery
  • Debrief and Evaluation Support

Take advantage of our full program to plan and deliver your event from start to finish.

Just need support in certain areas? Dip into our à la carte services and pick the options that suit you.
Not certain what’s best for you? Just ask, we’re here to help.

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