Aston Events & Communications have unparalleled experience in planning and managing effective lobby days. Our expertise and insight are unique and we’ve been doing this for a decade.

Professionally planned lobby days are powerful events. 

Hosted by organizations and associations, there’s no better way to make your message heard by key policymakers – the people whose decisions directly affect the community you serve. 

An important part of your annual event roster.

Lobby days provide a unique opportunity to speak directly with government decision makers, allowing you to influence public policy and act as the voice of your industry. 

There’s no better way to bring about meaningful and long lasting change.  

Lobby days help both sides; they give elected officials a significant insight into your organization and an understanding of your purpose. This allows them to make effective and long-lasting decisions for the benefit of their constituents. 

The benefits for you:

  • Direct access to elected officials
  • Establish relationships with policymakers
  • Promote your message
  • Engage and grow your membership 
  • Promote sector alignment
  • Generate revenue
  • Bring about positive change

Planning matters

At Aston Events & Communications we understand lobby days are an invaluable opportunity. They ensure your organization and its purpose is taken seriously, so the planning and implementation must be flawless.  

Maximize the opportunity

Our process will ensure your lobby day is exceptionally well run and represents your organization, your members and your sector professionally and responsibly to government. 

Our lobby day services include:

  • Lobby day strategy and planning
  • Government engagement 
  • MPP invitations and MPP meeting appointment booking services
  • Program planning 
  • Sponsorship 
  • Communications 
  • Registration
  • Event logistics
  • Volunteer management 

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“The unique people skills that served Caroline as a team leader in government and business make her an extraordinary consultant.”

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